Acne Vulgaris

650 million people are affected by acne vulgaris worldwide. 85% of these are aged between 12-24 years old.

Now, lets get rid of the myth that this is down to poor hygiene. 

The exact cause is not known but genetic, racial and diet factors have been implicated. 

What is acne ?

Acne is where comedones are present which are either closed (whiteheads) or open blackheads and these are non inflammatory.

Inflammatory lesions can be pustular or nodular.

Treatments offered here at Evans Pharmacy are for mild to moderate acne and not severe.  The idea is to minimise scarring.  Severe acne needs specialist intervention.

Our guidance is based on The National Institute for Health Care and Excellence.

The treatments we prescribe are all topical and should be used on their own and given at least 8 weeks to have maximum effect.

Products with benzoyl peroxide have a bleaching effect, so do please remember to use old bed sheets and towels as when you wash them they change colour!

If one product doesnt work, then another can be tried and, if once all tried, then a course of antibiotics can be used of which we would refer to the GP for this.

 Additional information can be found here.  

NHS choices website is also an excellent information resource -click here 

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