Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is a common condition which mainly affects men over 40.

It is also known as impotence - where an erection cannot be achieved or maintained so that sexual intercourse cannot be achieved. 

The causes are either physiological (from poor circulation from the effects of heart disease or diabetes) or psychological, such as stress and anxiety.

All causes of erectile dysfunction should be ideally investigated by a GP, and reviewed within six months or if no improvement.

The drugs below work on increasing the blood flow to the penis, but if you've had a heart attack within a year or currently taking nitrates, these are not for you. 

All these drugs still need physical stimulation to achieve an erection.

The cost of the consultation is £5.  

If you have never ordered tablets for erectile dysfunction before, then always start with the lower dose.

Further information can be found at NHS Choices 


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Erectile Dysfunction