I don't know whether my order has gone through?

Not a problem just give us a ring.

I need some advice about my product?

We provide patient information leaflets for all our products, you might find the answer in there.  If not just call us and ask to speak to a pharmacist.

My system crashed as I was making a payment should I re-order?

No, the best thing is to call us.

I ordered some medicines but they are not what I thought they were.  Can I send them back?

I'm sorry but we are not allowed to receive and reuse dispatched medicines under our professional guidelines

I've received a different product to the one that I ordered what do I do?

If it's our error we will gladly send your correct product and pay for postage on the product you are returning.

I can't see what I want on your website can you get it for me?

We can try, either email us and we will deal with your enquiry as soon as we can - usually within 1-2 hours during working hours, or give us a ring, we can sort it over the phone and put your order through for you

I've received my product but its damaged, will you replace it?

Of course, just email a picture of the damaged product and we will immediately despatch a new one.

I think there is an error in the information you have given out, do you want me to tell you?

Yes, most definitely, we want all our information to be as accurate as possible, either use the Contact Us page, or phone and we will immediately rectify any errors found

What does it mean if I Subscribe to a product?

Please click here to go to our explanation of what a subscription is