Other Vaccinations


Other non-travel vaccines


  • Cervical Cancer and Genital Wart Vaccine (3 doses) £125 per dose(Gardasil) £155 per dose (Gardasil 9)
  • Chickenpox Vaccine (2 doses) £70 per dose
  • Flu Vaccine -normally arrives in September of the relevant year 
  • Shingles Vaccine (1 dose) £180 per dose (Zostavax)  Shingrix (2 doses ) £225 per dose 
  •  Hay fever Injection available at selected sites at £65 per dose -please contact local branch for more details -this cannot be booked online
  • -this is for over 18's only -patients need to be fully Covid vaccinated ,had chicken pox in their life.This is not suitable for people who are on blood pressure medicines ,diabetics and people who have problems with their thyroid
  • Vaccinations can be booked online at any branch of Evans Pharmacy. Please use our online booking system which will generate a short medical questionnaire for  you to answer.